Why you would want architects from Andalusia, Spain on your team.

 Architects from the Andalusian region of Spain have deep expertise in applying traditional Mediterranean concepts, in which low energy and water use are a given, to contemporary architecture. Making them even more interesting and valuable as collaborators is their extensive engineering training that is a significant part of the architecture education in Spain. Come eat some delicious food and drink from Andalusia and hear what our Andalusian architects have to offer. We will also be happy to meet with you and your colleagues privately in your office.


Monday, Nov. 7 – Los Angeles area
Tuesday, Nov. 8 – Los Angeles area
Wednesday, Nov. 9 – San Francisco
Thursday, Nov. 10 – Seattle
Friday, Nov. 11 – Seattle




The diversity of Andalusian architects will be represented by









LAR (Laboratorio de Arquitectura Responsable)

Sergio Gómez Melgar

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LAR is a general architecture firm whose projects reflect its expertise in energy efficient buildings including passive construction, and retrofitting existing buildings to be more energy-efficient. Their projects include educational buildings from kindergartens to universities and health care facilities. Awards they have received include the Isover Energy Efficiency “the best of awards” (Dublin, March 2014 and Viena, June 2009) and II Concurso Iberoamericano Passivhaus (Gijon, 2015)

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José Carlos Sánchez Romero

José Carlos Sánchez Romero [Studio of Architecture] was established in Seville in 1991. Since its beginnings, the Studio expressed its interest in different fields which reveal a polyhedral view of architectural work, which goes from interventions on the historical heritage, administrative, cultural and sporting buildings, singular architecture and social or private housing, to research work, conferences and publications.

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ARCHITEChTURES is an artificial intelligence cloud-based architectural design service which dramatically reduces the designing time from months to hours. HOUSING is a high flexible residential system to provide endless building schemes.



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Talented Architects from The Andalusia Region of Spain are Coming to Collaborate With You